Jill received International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award from the IWEC Foundation

Jill Santos, has joined the roster of Filipina awardees who successfully bagged the very prestigious International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award (IWEC). She is by far the latest addition to the list, receiving her recognition in Turin, Italy. The ladies listed herein are source of inspirations to every Filipina who is dedicated to becoming change-makers in the field of entrepreneurship with one’s influence and benevolence.

Maria Socorro Malitao- 2011, USA
Teresita Yujuico -2012, Spain
Myrna Yao – 2013, Peru
Pacita Juan -2014, Sweden
Mila Lacson – 2014, Sweden
Sherrill Quintana – 2016, Belgium
Maria Algeria Limjoco -2017, USA
Gregoria Simbulan-2018, China
Rosemarie Ong -2018, China
Maria Pilar Sibal -2021, Virtual
Gladeys Jill Santos -2023, Italy

Through this award, Jill Santos has joined the network of Global IWEC Awardees who are privileged to access the vast business and professional connections worldwide.